History of the Villa

Fondazione Sportsystem is headquarted within Villa Zuccareda Binetti, located in one of the most panoramic vantage points overlooking Montebelluna, surrounded by gardens containing extensive lawns and fruit trees.

Commissioned by the Treviso intellectual Bartolomeo Burchiellati, the Villa was built between the 16th and 17th centuries to serve as his country residence. After being abandoned for several centuries, the Villa was completely renovated in the early 19th century by the new owner, the lawyer Giovanni Ferro. Ownership subsequently passed to the Zuccareda family, and then by marriage to the Binetti family.

Over the centuries it has witnessed a number of major historical events, including serving as a refuge for Italian patriots during the Risorgimento, the seat of the local command of the Italian forces during the Great War, and finally an arsenal during the Nazi occupation.

At the behest of the Binetti sisters, the family’s last heirs, from the post-war period until the early 1980s it became a boarding school for the deaf and mute. In 1982 it was purchased by Montebelluna Town Council and has been home to the “Museo dello Scarpone” (Boot Museum) since 1984.

Today Villa Zuccareda Binetti is the official headquarters of Sportsystem Foundation. The first floor houses exhibits while the ground floor is used as a venue for training, meetings and events organised by the Foundation.

External organisations and individuals are also welcome to use Villa Zuccareda Binetti to hold cultural and social activities.