In collaboration with scholars and university professors, Sportsystem Foundation has published essays on history, culture, society, fashion, design, sport and streetstyle.

These publications can be consulted in the Foundation’s library and are available for purchase while stocks last.

The Foundation holds a collection of over 200 degree dissertations relating to the District and this archive is available to help scholars and students in their studies and research.

Futurismo e sport design

Mancin, with contributions from V. Durante, F. Tessari, F. Vaccari, G. Zanatta, A. Tomat, P. Terribile. A. Durante, “Futurismo e sport design”, 2006, published by Antiga Edizioni (188 pages) – available for reference or purchase from our office

Guida del Museo

A. Durante, V. Durante, “Guida del Museo dello Scarpone e della Calzatura Sportiva di Montebelluna”, 2004, publisged by Danilo Zanetti Editore (48 pages) – available for reference

Sportsystem tra fashion e performance

“Sportsystem tra fashion e performance”, 2004, Danilo Zanetti Editore (472 pagine)- available for reference or purchase from our office

Montebelluna fa giocare il mondo

A. Durante, with contributions from L. Bertini, M. Bordin, V. Durante, C. Filippin, B. Lamonarca, F. Sartor, S. Parisotto, R. Sartor, M. Saviane, R. Stradiotto, “Montebelluna fa giocare il mondo”, 1997 (312 pagine) – available for reference