Innovation, development, competitiveness, training. Fondazione Sportsystem has reached a major agreement with the Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group to streamline access to credit and investment support for companies in the supply chain. It has also received funding to promote professional and technical training from local bank Banca delle Terre Venete.

Through its role as sole banking sponsor, Intesa Sanpaolo has been supporting the Sportsystem District for several years now. Through its programme Sviluppo Filiere (Supply Chain Development), it has provided targetted financial planning for SMEs and facilitated access to the Circular Economy Fund – an initiative that provides funding for innovative and transformative projects based on ESG principles. Furthermore, Intesa Sanpaolo provides the District’s businesses with access to its Research Department, sharing research and analysis, and organising initiatives and events aimed at promoting the efficiency and competitiveness of the local manufacturing base.

In 2022 this local bank provided major funding to support the technical training activities of Fondazione Sportsystem for the two-year period 2022-23. The goal is to promote professions which are most in demand by local manufacturers and which possess the expertise which continues to position this District as a global benchmark.