The Foundation

Fondazione Sportsystem ETS is a non-profit organization that represents, promotes, preserves and manages both the tangible and intangible heritage of the Sportsystem District. Spanning approximately 355 square kilometres, the District enjoys a global reputation for its highly specialised manufacturing of sporting footwear, clothing and equipment with a particular emphasis on mountain and outdoor sports. To learn out about the objectives, activities and economic and social results achieved in the last year, download the documents below.


Fondazione Sportsystem was created from the merger of Fondazione Museo dello Scarpone (The Boot Museum Foundation) and Associazione dello Sportsystem. Its main goals include creating and promoting all initiatives which contribute to growth and the renewal of the industrial and entrepreneurial culture of the area, and in particular those of an educational, cultural and social nature.

The Foundation seeks to promote its vision of sustainable development through programmes of ongoing skills training, along with the promotion of innovative research, products and processes linked to eco-design and the circular economy.

Through its many collaborations with universities, public bodies and private institutions at a local, national and international level, for decades the Foundation has served as a focal point, stimulus and inspiration for professionals, researchers, specialists and visitors interested in the industry and culture within the province of Treviso.

The Sportsystem Foundation Museum

The Foundation also manages the Sportsystem Foundation Museum, the only one of its kind in the world, which champions the heritage of the sector’s most famous brands. The museum’s many exhibits illustrate the craftsmanship, design and technological innovation of the district’s footwear manufacturing, and serve to stimulate and captivate the imagination of future generations. Through its collections, the Foundation organises and supports educational initiatives aimed at promoting inclusion and respect for the unique needs of each individual.

Statutary bodies

The Foundation is administered by a Board of Directors made up of business members and representatives from local trade associations. Directors hold office for 3 years.

The Auditor is Loris Lodesani, Accountant and Auditor Studio Merlo

Gianni Frasson


General manager of Frasson SpA and Rubbermac Srl

Valentina Florian

Vice President and Director responsible for coordinating and liaising with schools

Financial administrator of Mondeox SpA

Armando Cietto

Director in charge of specialist training, treasurer and secretary

Owner of A.C. Studio

Alberto Zanatta

Director in charge of relationships with institutions

Chairman of Tecnica Group

Fabio Deon

Director in charge of sustainability

Owner of Studio Deon Design

Filippo Fiori

Director in charge of sustainability

Head of Competitiveness, Confartigianato (Treviso Province Confederation of Artisans)

Scientific and Technical committee (CTS)

The Scientific and Technical Committee (CTS) is the Foundation’s consultation and strategic steering body.

The role of the CTS is to advise, promote, support and collaborate in the defining and implementation of the future development plan regarding the Foundation’s training, teaching and planning activities, with particular emphasis on the development of the business culture.

For these purposes, the CTS considers investment in training for young people to be essential and will develop fruitful partnerships between local public and private sectors.

– Antonello Marega, EPSI (European Platform for Sport Innovation) consultant

– Armando Cietto, Accademia Creativi Montebelluna
– Martino Colonna, University of Bologna
– Fabio Deon, Accademia Creativi Montebelluna
– Filippo Fiori, Confartigianato Marca Trevigiana (Treviso Province Confederation of Artisans)
– Claudio Franco, Design & Develop
– Anna Granata, UNINT
– Anna Maria Moressa, Centre for analysis and dissemination of regional economic data, Intesa Sanpaolo Research Department
– Nicola Petrone, University of Padua
– Ermes Pozzobon, CombinAzioni Association
– Federico Schena, University of Verona
– Costante Turco, Sportsystem Foundation
– Debora Varaschin, Montebelluna Town Council


Businesses, institutions, the public and the media can contact the Foundation’s staff during opening hours (Mon-Fri 9am – 1pm, Thu and Fri 2.30pm – 6.30pm).

Costante Turco

Deputy General Manager

Cristina Zilli

Administrative Manager

Francesca Sfoggia

Museum Curator

Sabrina Dal Ben

Coordination and secretariat

Melany Pozzobon

Hospitality and graphics

Michela Saviane

Communication and social media

Alice Vivian