Sharing knowledge to leverage skills.

Fondazione Sportsystem partners with a number of major businesses to provide training and research, and to develop programmes ranging from skills development, refresher courses, and co-working

Fondazione Sportsystem has been a member of the fashion academy Fondazione ITS Cosmo since 2018, participating in the planning groups tasked with formulating the Sportsystem Advanced Technician course (5th level European Qualification Framework (EQF) level).

Fondazione Sportsystem has been a partner of the Politecnico Calzaturiero (Footwear Polytechnic) for many years. Together they established a joint working group for research activities relating to sustainability, new materials and industry 4.0, with the involvement of companies from the Sportsystem and Brenta Riviera districts.

Accademia Creativi Montebelluna (Montebelluna Creative Academy) is a working group made up of sector professionals that provide support to Fondazione Sportsystem by proposing advanced training activities on emerging topics, ranging from eco-sustainable materials, to nano and digital technologies.

UNINT is the legal entity responsible for representing the Sportsystem District in relations with the Region and other public administrations (l.r. 13/2014). Fondazione Sportsystem has established a collaboration agreement with UNINT for the development of activities and projects to support the sector.

Fondazione Sportsystem has collaborated with Assosport for many years to organise events and projects dedicated to the world of sporting footwear. Assosport represents, safeguards and promotes businesses that produce and/or distribute clothing, footwear, accessories and sports equipment in Italy. Assosport represents, protects and enhances companies that produce and/or distribute clothing, footwear, accessories and sports equipment in Italy

Fondazione Sportsystem is part of the Regional Innovation Network “Safety and Protection at work and in sport”. The lead entity for this initiative is Dolomiticert, a member of the Certottica Group, and a Certification Institute that specialises in carrying out laboratory tests on Personal Protection Devices, including sports clothing, footwear, helmets, fall arrest devices, and mountain and motorcycling accessories.