Sportsystem Foundation promotes the economic, social, and cultural growth of the Sportsystem District through the renewal of skills and identity values of the territory. For this reason, it has embedded in its mission the concept of “sustainable development,” meaning development that meets the needs of both the current and future generations..

Within a systemic vision that takes into account all 17 goals of UN 2030 Agenda, Sportsystem Foundation has identified 7 SDGs in particular as guiding objectives of its activities, committing to contribute to the achievement of their respective targets.

Fondazione Sportsystem is aware that the first step towards improvement is to measure its own impacts. Therefore, in March 2024, it measured its organisation’s Carbon Footprint(GHG Emissions Inventory) for the year 2023. The measurement was carried out by EcoEsedra/ SustainMe, in accordance with ISO14064.
Download the Carbon Footprint of Organisation 2023 by Sportsystem Foundation here.

Good health and well-being

On September 20, 2023, the Italian Chamber unanimously approved the amendment to Article 33 of the Constitution introducing the new clause “The Italian Republic recognizes the educational, social, and psychophysical

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Quality education

Specialized technical training is among the pillars of the Foundation. We organize and conduct highly specialized courses for professionals in the sports footwear sector, aiming to pass on and contribute

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Decent work and economic growth

We support the economic growth of the Sportsystem District through technological advancement and innovation. We promote initiatives that support productive activities, the creation of decent jobs, entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation,

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Responsible consumption and production

We promote sustainable models of production and consumption to achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources. We participate in projects aimed at substantially reducing waste production through prevention,

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Partnership for the goals

We partner with companies, institutions, schools, public administrations, associations, and non-profits that share the same objectives as us. We collaborate with ITS Cosmo Foundation, working together at the thematic table

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