Partnership for the goals

We partner with companies, institutions, schools, public administrations, associations, and non-profits that share the same objectives as us.

We collaborate with ITS Cosmo Foundation, working together at the thematic table to define the educational offerings for the Higher Technician course in Sportsystem.

For many years, we have established a joint working group with Politecnico Calzaturiero for research activities on sustainability, new materials, and Industry 4.0.

We share with Accademia Creativi Montebelluna the proposal for high-level training activities on emerging topics: from eco-friendly materials to nanotechnologies to digital.

We act in synergy with UNINT, the legal entity responsible for representing the Sportsystem District in relations with the Region and other public administrations (Regional Law 13/2014), for the development of activities and projects supporting the sector.

We collaborate with Assosport, an association representing companies that produce and/or distribute sportswear, footwear, accessories, and equipment in Italy, in organizing events and projects dedicated to the world of sports footwear.

We are part of the RIR network – Safety and Protection in work and sports, led by Dolomiticert, an integral part of Certottica Group, a Certification Institute specialized in laboratory testing of Personal Protective Equipment for the body, including sportswear, footwear, helmets, fall protection devices, mountain accessories, and motorcycle gear.

We rely on established relationships of collaboration and exchange with local institutions and public administrations (Confindustria Veneto Est, CIAA Treviso-Belluno, Montebelluna Municipality) aimed at sharing and achieving sustainable development goals.

We collaborate locally with associations for cultural and social promotion such as Associazione CombinAzioni Festival, Montebelluna Library, and Cinema Italia Eden.

Altri obiettivi

Quality education

Specialized technical training is among the pillars of the Foundation. We organize and conduct highly specialized courses for professionals in

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