Quality education

Specialized technical training is among the pillars of the Foundation.

We organize and conduct highly specialized courses for professionals in the sports footwear sector, aiming to pass on and contribute to the maintenance of the specific know-how of the district. Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of young adults seeking specific skill sets to enter the world of work, along with employed and unemployed adults wishing to retrain, update their skills or embark on a new career path. We offer a wide variety of course types ranging from evening, intensive or weekend classes to accommodate the differing needs of participants.

We offer workshops and meetings aimed at professionals in the sports system industry, focusing on skills updating and promoting research, products, and innovative processes related to eco-design and circular economy.

For many years, we have been partners with the Politecnico Calzaturiero, with whom we have established a joint working group for research activities on sustainability, new materials, and Industry 4.0, involving companies from the Riviera del Brenta and Sportsystem districts.

Since 2018, we have been members of the ITS Cosmo Foundation, collaborating on defining the educational offering for the Higher Technician course in Sportsystem (EQF level 5).

We continuously collaborate with local schools through internships and curricular activities to facilitate connections and integration opportunities between the school and work environments. Finally, through our museum, we offer educational workshops for students aged 4 to 16, aimed at discovering and understanding the aspects of the artisanal and industrial world characteristic of our territory.

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