Good health and well-being

On September 20, 2023, the Italian Chamber unanimously approved the amendment to Article 33 of the Constitution introducing the new clause “The Italian Republic recognizes the educational, social, and psychophysical well-being promotion value of sports activities in all its forms.”

Sportsystem Foundation has encapsulated its commitment to promoting sports as a factor for psychophysical well-being and as a tool for social inclusion and integration, particularly focusing on people with disabilities, in its slogan “We make sport happen.”

It supports the development of sports practices linked to the enhancement of local companies’ products.

It collaborates with various local entities in numerous projects and local events such as: “6Insuperabile” Project (Brombal Foundation, Association of Ex-Students of Cavanis, and Terraglio Venezia Sports Club); Italian Athletics Championships (FISDIR – Italian Federation of Paralympic Sports for Intellectually and Relationally Disabled); Sport Festival (Montebelluna Municipality); World Bicycle Festival (Montello Terra Rossa and Amibike).

In the particular historical context leading up to the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic Games, Sportsystem Foundation participates in the “GenerAzione 2026” project promoted by the Treviso-Belluno|Dolomites Chamber of Commerce and FICTS – International Federation of Sports Cinema Television, with the aim of engaging young people with the universal message advocated by the International Olympic Committee.

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Quality education

Specialized technical training is among the pillars of the Foundation. We organize and conduct highly specialized courses for professionals in

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